For a few months, Kirk stayed among Local American society, worshiped since a goodness entitled “Kirok”


During the 2268, at first glance of one’s Amerind entire world, a major accident caused amnesia for the Kirk and you may split him on Corporation obtaining group.

His brain comfortable in the pressures of order, he took a girlfriend, Miramanee, whom turned into expecting with his son.

In the event the tribal praise of Kirok is dispelled, the guy and you may Miramanee have been stoned – fatally injuring both young woman and their unborn kid. ( TOS : ” The latest Eden Problem “)

David Marcus

Kirk’s romance that have Carol Marcus put a guy, David Marcus. At Carol’s demand, Kirk stayed regarding David’s early lives. David understood something off Kirk, discussing him once the “the latest more than-mature man lookout” his mommy familiar with discover, not that Kirk is their dad. Carol kept David’s dad’s title a key, fearing you to definitely Kirk’s adventurous lives create draw David from her. Regardless of the breakup, Carol told Kirk one to David are “a lot like you, with techniques.”

During the 2285, David is actually handling his mommy at the Federation search route Regula I as an element of a group developing Project Genesis when Khan Noonien Singh assaulted the fresh channel. Immediately following fleeing towards Regula planetoid, Kirk saved David and Carol. Kirk failed to quickly recognize his kid within their awkward fulfilling, and later became melancholy with regards to a separate lifestyle once the good father. The guy noticed David’s hate of your, moaning to Carol “I have a guy I have not present in fifteen years, looking to kill me personally, while show me a child who had be happy to help him”. Once seeing Kirk’s winnings at Competition of your Mutara Nebula therefore the funeral for Spock, David consoled his father and accepted he had been “happy, very proud, become [his] guy.” ( Superstar Trek II: The newest Wrath from Khan )

Afterwards inside the 2285, David is a mentor toward starship USS Grissom, contrasting the fresh Genesis globe he’d aided to produce. Drawn hostage from the Klingons, David interrupted a tried performance out of Lieutenant Saavik, grappling a good Klingon warrior briefly just before getting slain which have a stab on the bust. The news away from David’s dying added Kirk so you’re able to stumble towards the patio during the suffering, advising Frontrunner Kruge “you Klingon bastard, you killed my man.” Kirk subsequently killed Kruge as well as but one of his crew. As Kirk and his team produced the escape from the fresh collapsing Genesis entire world, the guy somberly and you may mournfully said good-bye in order to his boy. ( Superstar Trek III: The latest Search for Spock )

Kirk remaining David’s memory close, with an image of his man in the household on-board the fresh new Enterprise-An excellent. Kirk’s thoughts out-of Klingons, immediately after foes he may from time to time admiration and even display a laugh with, expanded to your hatred. For the 2293, for the diplomatic goal for the Klingon Kingdom inspired by exhaustion off Praxis, the guy logged “I’ve never ever respected Klingons, and i never will. We have not ever been in a position to forgive him or her towards the loss of my son.” This new journal entryway was used against your inside the demonstration for the new assassination regarding Chancellor Gorkon, and also the event pushed your to come calmly to words together with his hatred to have Klingons. kostenlose Dating-Apps für Erwachsene ( Superstar Trip VI: This new Undiscovered Nation )

Prizes and you may honors

Palm leaf out of Axanar Tranquility Mission Grankite Purchase regarding Ideas (Category of Perfection) Preantares Bow out-of Commendation (Kinds Basic and 2nd) Starfleet Medal regarding Honor Starfleet Silver Hand (having people) Starfleet Violation for Obvious Gallantry Karagite Purchase away from Heroism ( TOS : ” Legal parece Akaar – The fresh new Teer regarding Capella IV contains the first names away from Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk. ( TOS : ” Friday’s Boy “) USS Firm (NCC-1701-A) – An excellent starship are re-christened within the recognition away from their services, influence the brand new membership level of their amazing command, an prize continuing having years. ( Star Trip IV: New Trip House , et al.)


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