As a result of comforting Narumi, he is forced to give up any possible relationship with Futaba

Yui Narumi

Kou satisfied Narumi between college or university which he relocated to, in his mom’s home town, Nagasaki, for the next title away from his first year. He very first found the woman is a sort and you may an informal individual, as she helped simplify distress using their class mates regarding the Kou’s surname, “Mabuchi”, along with his parent’s separation, as he had difficulties opening in it. While the Narumi’s parents was basically together with separated, it learned that they’d something in common and you can knew each most other. The afternoon Kou is just about to leave Nagasaki for twelfth grade, Narumi confesses to help you your and supply your a hug, however, Kou stays indifferent to these thinking.

2 yrs shortly after secondary school, long afterwards the guy moved back again to his home town, Kou is actually facing the news out of Narumi’s dad’s passing, who’d suffered from cancer tumors, much like Kou’s own mom. After their death, Narumi moved to Kou’s urban area during the summer vacations. He after discovers, regarding their secondary school classmate, you to definitely Narumi is actually unwanted by the girl mother, who had another partner, and you will try managing the girl family unit members as an alternative.

It renders Kou in times where the guy seems obliged so you’re able to be there to possess Narumi, that almost no assistance for her condition, and then he was a person who you are going to relate genuinely to exactly what she try experiencing. Narumi have feelings to possess Kou, and had confessed to help you your as he visited on her behalf dad’s funeral, however, her thoughts were not reciprocated. Kou was not knowing when the he could be performing the best point because of the choosing to getting of the Narumi’s top, even after trying to feel which have Futaba. [5]

It is found you to definitely Kou is actually contacting Narumi to help you split some thing from together because the guy really wants to be with Futaba. [6] In the event the go out in the long run methods for Kou to obtain the chat that have Narumi, Narumi is actually walking away from your (looking Futaba and you may Toma). Then observes the fresh kiss anywhere between Toma and you can Futaba. During the later on sections, he ultimately sums in the bravery to stand Narumi properly and prevent something forever. After your final useless shot during the protests away from Narumi, he totally slices ties together and you will departs with no turning straight back.

Yoichi Tanaka

Yoichi, or Tanaka-sensei, is Kou’s earlier sis and you may a teacher during the his highschool. He has form of a beneficial “tuff like” relationship waplog promosyon kodu Гјcretsiz with his sis, in which he becomes most frustrated by your inquiring so many inquiries, appealing your to consume eating together, or just also Tanaka-sensei trying to make conversation that have your. Some of this decisions most likely comes from the point that Kou you’ll resent his sister to have not-being truth be told there as he was required to experience a hard time on it’s own, just like their mom getting deathly ill. Despite this, he nevertheless cares to possess their sister (such as for instance when he needed to attest to your to pay off a misunderstanding the primary had anywhere between Tanaka-sensei and you may Futaba’s relationships).

Aya Kominato

Aya is a great pal off Kou. The guy brightens right up Kou’s atmosphere, which allows anybody else feeling comfy to speak with Kou. Kou is often amazed because of the just how protective Aya is towards him, but really grateful of just how much Aya cherishes its relationship. Aya is amongst the very first individuals remember that he loves Futaba, however, Kou gets a tiny pissed (probably once the he understands Aya is useful) whenever Aya is actually scolding him precisely how whether or not he thinks Narumi requires him, since Kou’s attitude also are extremely important.

Yuri Makita

Kou notices Yuri because merely a friend, and you will doesn’t necessarily keeps a lot of correspondence along with her. Yuri is actually the original you to definitely are advised from the their mom’s art gallery space, however, Kou didn’t have brand new aim of performing this and also make Yuri getting even more special than just Futaba. Kou are amazed by Yuri’s confession, however, declined this lady at the same time which have a beneficial “thank you so much”, understanding that Futaba is one the guy in reality loves. After this state he nevertheless treats Yuri similar to he did just before.


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